Terms and Conditions

Before you check out our website, please read these terms and conditions. The users of Varnop give their conviction that their approach to services and site is subjected to related laws and terms and conditions. On the contrary, if you disagree with any clause, you may cease your use of this website.

Currently, Varnop only adheres to English websites and sites that can be translated into English by translation services like Google Translator. Note: Varnop does not approve of following sites and similar content. Moreover, it’s up to Varnop whether we accept or reject a website.

  • Websites promoting disreputable and immoral practices, Ponzi Schemes, etc.
  • High risk or high yield investments, link farms, spam, hate, MLM member sites, gambling, etc.
  • Cheap medicines (female/male enhancement, dangerous drugs)
  • Recreational drugs like hallucinogenic, enhanced incense, designer drugs, etc.
  • Adult-themed or adult sites like adult humor, adult images, lingerie, adult ads, soft porn, etc.

Warranty Disclaimer

The products, services, and material provided by Varnop are provided without any warranty whether implied or express. Varnop does not provide any kind of warranty regarding functions of the website to be error-free or uninterrupted, immediate correction of defects or that site is completely free of any harmful component of the virus.


Every single trace of content present on this website and its services, not limited to code, graphics or text is copyrighted under copyright laws and comes under the property of Varnop. Work that is licensed to Varnop is collective. Copyright 2000-2016, Varnop, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Use of Varnop’s services and contents for personal gain and use, comprising of but not restricted to transmission, display, distribution, and reproduction is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by Varnop.

Limitation of Liability

Varnop is not to be held liable for any consequential or special damage that user faces after or before use of service. Varnop is a verification service, and by using reasonable means, endeavors to verify received information. Varnop does not warrant or guarantee any information that we use or collect.

Term; Termination

All mentioned terms and conditions apply to the user once you access site or complete shopping or registration process. Varnop can terminate or update these terms and conditions without any prior notice and an absolute reason. Provisions relevant to Indemnification, Limitation of Liability, Disclaimer, Trademark, Copyrights, will result in termination of our services.

Account Cancellation/Seal Removal

Because of nature of work, Varnop has rights to cancel any account or remove seals from websites, without any prior notification, if they do not comply with terms and conditions.

Typographical Errors

If a product is listed on an incorrect price, mistakenly, Varnop has rights to cancel or refuse any placed orders listed at the wrong price. Varnop has rights to cancel or refuse any orders regardless of the fact that your credit card has been charged or order is confirmed. In case you have already used your credit card, but your order gets canceled, then Varnop will recharge your credit card with the amount that has been deducted.


If you plan to remain a loyal customer for multiple years, you can let us know, and you will be entitled to receive noteworthy payment discounts. In case you plan to cancel your account prematurely, your rights to get prepayment will be lost, also considering your service plan’s monthly payment.


If you become a Varnop Affiliate, you agree to Terms of Use. Also, you agree to use Varnop affiliate related text-links and banners in a principled manner. You also agree that you will never misrepresent services, offers or products of Varnop. In case Varnop gets vibes that you are misrepresenting company in any wrong manner, we have right to terminate the account.


Any claim you make or any action you take with respect to this site has to be started with 1 year after cause and claim of action. Varnop’s failure to enforce or insist on better performance or provision will not be imposed as a result of any right or provision. Also, trade practice and code of conduct between users or parties will tend to change these terms and conditions. Varnop can assign its duties and rights anytime to any party without notifying the customer.

Participation Disclaimer

Varnop cannot and does not review all materials and communications created or posted by a user of its website or service. Neither is it responsible for the content of these materials and communications. However, Varnop holds rights to remove or block any content or material if it is misleading, obscene, deceptive, or fraudulent or violating trademark or copyrights of other users’ rights.


You agree to hold inoffensive, insure or defend Varnop’s suppliers, licensors, agents, employees, directors, or officers against and from all costs, damages, expenses, losses including lawyers’ fees. Lawyers’ fees may come to terms as a result of a violation of any policy or these terms and conditions, at hand of any person using your account or by you.


If you have concerns or ambiguities about any section of these terms and conditions, do not be reluctant to share them with our support team.

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