Privacy Certification Seal

Are you up to take a challenge for data protection? Prove it to your clients how protective you are of their data and online security by integrating Varnop’s Privacy Certification Seal. We thoroughly review your privacy policy to see if it’s compliant with the security standards. The support of our skilled team makes it possible to provide uninterrupted and smooth provision of security compliance seal. Our demanding certification criterion has amplified the value of our security seals. It is our prestigious accomplishment to be the provider of seal that ensures reliable security provision.



Business Verification Seal

Majority of customers are in favor of knowing complete credentials of business. But people may get deceived by mere textual evidence. That is where Business Verification Seals play their part. To avoid any misunderstanding, a legit business requires the testimony of another verified company.A Business Verification Trust Seal lets customers know that your business owns the authentic phone number, email address and is compliant with standard security protocols. We also check your business receipts for verification. The display of verification seal proves that business information is trustable. For a more detailed information, customers can click or hover over the seal.



Security Verification Seal

Varnop verifies security protocols of your website and lets visitors of your website know that your website is genuine. The purpose behind is to ensure visitors that they are accessing a legitimate and honest online business. Many fake websites put up a show of fake credentials and identity that put their business at risk. Varnop offers premium security verification services for online business. Security Verification Seals satisfy concerns of customers regarding website optimization in terms of security. Once customers view a security verification seal, they find it safe enough to share their credentials and rely on a website.


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