Service Policies

Refund Policy

Our refund policy provides you satisfaction and ease of use. We allow our customers to cancel their orders within a certain time of placement if they have a change of mind. The monthly subscribers will not be charged again for seals in case of cancellation. Please note that Only New customers can reap benefits of this refund policy.

Monthly Plan Holders

If you have a monthly plan, you cannot enjoy the benefits of this policy. This means that you may cancel your order anytime you want but we will not refund any amount. However, next time your card will not be charged for the monthly subscription. You must cancel the order 1 week before your seal expires. If you request us to remove the trust seal(s) from your website, then request for cancellation will be approved automatically. The set-up fee is also not refundable.

Yearly Plan Holders

Our refund policy applies to yearly plan holders. If the customer cancels the order within 20 days of placement, we return the amount of the unprocessed work. After 20 days, the offer gets invalid and the client will not receive any refund. Please note that if our verification process isn’t instigated at the time of cancellation, then you will get the whole amount back. However, if at the time of cancellation, our verification process is instigated, we will deduct our processing fee of $10 and then return the remaining amount.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the subscription of your trust seal(s) by formally notifying us via email. The notice period for canceling the subscription is 30 days. You may also submit a request here . If you have lodged cancellation request, you will be required to remove every image of Varnop Seal from your website.

To avoid inconvenience in future, you will send us your request 30 days in advance. Before providing your withdrawal request, you will remove the placed seal code as well. We do not make special refunds but the ones mentioned in our refund policy. Please note that once you cancel the order, we will not charge your credit card again unless you explicitly inform us to renew your subscription.

To ensure that seal does not appear on your site again, we manually check it with the help of software algorithm. When Varnop Verification Seals are completely removed from your site, only then can be the withdrawal request approved.

Our refund policy is applicable to new customers as per the terms mentioned in refund policy.

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