Privacy Policy

The purpose of creating this policy is to ensure the privacy of our clients. We may improve this policy or bring certain changes, so you are requested to check privacy policy time and again. This privacy policy will inform you about our criteria for gathering personal information of our customers. After reading this privacy policy, if you wish to continue to with our services and products, you agree to our disclosure and use of your personal credentials, collection, and storage.

Currently, Varnop only adheres to English websites and sites that can be translated into English by translation services like Google Translator. Note: Varnop does not approve of following sites and similar content. Moreover, it’s up to Varnop whether we accept or reject a website.

Collection of Data

You can navigate our website without revealing your true identity. But once you wish to take our services and products, you will have to show your identity and will no longer be a stranger to us. If you provide us with your personal information including name, email ID and contact number, you are going to let us store and transfer your information to our servers. Your information that we collect includes:

  • Name and address
  • Financial information such as bank account or credit card number, current contact information, and email ID
  • Computer sign-on data, page view statistics
  • Tax ID, billing, shipping information
  • Transactional information considering your site activities
  • Chat postings and community forum discussions, communication via Site, dispute resolution, email contact with Varnop
  • Web log information, your IP address, and traffic from and to Site

Sharing and Data Use

We don’t give away your personal information to external users for any marketing purpose unless you allow us. If you do not want us to advertise your information, you can always let us know through email. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter or any promotional offer, you may unsubscribe anytime.

We will never share email addresses of our members with any third-party user. However, we may use your information to improve our website or bring reforms to our services. We may share your information with governmental personnel for fulfilling any legal requirement, for protection of anyone’s safety, property or rights and for responding to claims that violate our rules.

We may share your information with,

  • Business entitles if we desire to work along their side
  • Our contracted service providers to help in our business operations like collection or fraud investigation.
  • Other corporations to help us identify and eliminate potential threats and avert illegal acts.
  • Government officials, national and local law-enforcement, to help them in any criminal case investigation; we may provide your post history, fraud complaints, User ID history, email address, contact number, city, state or name.


We may use cookies to keep you logged in as you post or navigate content, to keep a tab on your login information, validate site surfing, repetitive visits to our site and provide updates to make your website experience worthwhile. You can disable this feature anytime by visiting your browser’s settings, but after disabling, some of our website features may not work properly.


We have right to send you communication information of Varnop like Newsletters, administrative messages, and service announcements. This information comes along with other Varnop services, and you may not get the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.

Children’s Privacy

We have designed our website for the adult audience. Any underage user is not welcomed here. If you have information about any child using our website, notify us through email, and we will remove that account after we notify his/ her parents.

External Links

Our website may contain certain links that upon clicking, may redirect you to another website. Note that our privacy from malware and virus does not apply to any such website. So click wisely and at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for your safety at any such website. You are subjected to their terms and use if you continue to use their website.


We store your information on our servers. Your information and data are valuable and an asset to us that is why we intend to keep it safe from harm’s way. We make use of SSL encryption on passwords and payment information pages for your safe login to your account and security to safeguard your credentials from disclosure or unauthorized access. But you know that access transmissions and illicit intercepts may try to misuse or abuse your information collected by the website.

Although we work hard to keep your information safe, we cannot pledge to keep it safe forever. You should never share information regarding your login and account with anyone. Yes, we do not tolerate spoofing, spamming, adware, and spyware. We advise you not to get indulged or fall of any such account otherwise; we will disable your account permanently. In case you get any such spoof or spam email along with your name, report it to us immediately. For more information, contact us.

3rd Party Disclosure

At Varnop, you can rest easy knowing that your information will be kept private, and not be sold, exchanged, or transferred to any third party without the expressed consent of the customer. We make our product and service information public only for the legal requirements. Therefore, customer information is safe with Varnop. This web page is a medium to divulge our information dissemination policy so that we can build a trustful relationship with the customers. Customers’ personal information can help us improve our services to a great extent and enable us to provide products or services tailored to customer requirements, needs and wants.

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