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Move your business ahead with the latest security compliance seal

Privacy Certification Seal

A privacy certification seal validates your privacy policy & demonstrates to your clients that you take data privacy seriously. Read more

Business Verification Seal

Show customers that your online business has been verified. Get a Business Verified seal today and start building visitor trust and confidence. Read more

Security Verification Seal

Announce to your visitors that your website is free from any vulnerability, by proudly displaying the Varnop’s Security Verification Seal. Read more


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Our Core Features

Convenient packages

We offer a variety of additional packages and services for your convenience.

Visual Assurance of Credentials

A Varnop verified seal is all it takes for a visitor to know the authenticity of your business.

Lifetime Technical Support

We offer lifetime technical support to all our clients via phone call, chat and email.

Prompt Validation

Our validation verifies and processes each request within 24 hours of documents submission.

Easy Installation

Irrespective of your level of technical skills, your verified seal is installed within few minutes.

Industry Standard Compliance

Varnop’s verified seal meets the highest levels of industry standards present.

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General Questions

Trust seals are certification seals of approval provided by an external, legit third-party. Companies that provide product guarantees, reviews and ratings, business identity verification, privacy policies, also provide trust seals for online businesses. There are certain standards that trust seals follow:

  • A reliable trust seal must carry the name of the issuer of the seal. In this way, visitors get to know that bearer of the seal is verified by a reliable third-party.
  • A trust seal must be easy to identify for the elimination of doubts regarding business identity, privacy, and security, etc.
  • The customer can click on the seal to get more relevant details. You can also check the authenticity of the seal by visiting database of issuing brand.
  • You can always check the date of trust seal; it depicts originality and newness of the seal. Moreover, it also shows that website has acquired seal from original issuer.

Yes, you have! After we verify your privacy policy, security, and business credentials, you can convey your preferences about privacy. If you wish to keep your information private, you can contact our customer support; during or after the verification process.

No! Varnop is not an SSL provider. But we can recommend certain reliable providers.

Currently, we accept payments via PayPal, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Varnop works in most of English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the US. But if your native country is not listed here, then you may contact us to get pre-qualified.

Once you complete the purchase, we will send you an email about the confirmation of your order. Once this is done, we will initiate a formal authentication process to ensure privacy policy compliance with your website in addition to the authentication of business and security credentials. Now you have to follow steps mentioned below:

Business Verification: We may contact you after the order confirmation to get your business receipts and other relevant documents to confirm the authenticity of your business. We request you to keep an eye on your emails while verification is underway.

Security Verification: We will make sure that your website is compliant with standard security protocols that are widely accepted and implemented worldwide. Our robust software automatically reviews and authenticates the security of your website.

Policy Verification: For privacy verification, we review the privacy policy of your site to make sure that certain customer privacy criteria are added to it. In case you lack this clause, or your policy is outdated, we allow you to update your policy.

We have noticed a troubling trend about trust seals lately. That is, the addition of seals on the website is usually done for the sake of advertisement, rather than providing necessary information. But Varnop refrains from any such practice.

We are afraid, it’s not permissible. Since every seal contains information about the particular website, it is not possible to use it for multiple websites.

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